Meet 15 year old Meejan Patel


To me, sports are my favorite way to relax and forget about everything happening around me. I know a lot of school sports are very focused on competition and making sure to win, but I think that sometimes takes away the fun from sports. Instead I want to focus more on challenging myself to be the best I can possibly be, and also to have fun and be confident while doing it. I hope to spread this message to other girls, and allow them to become more confident through sports, all while genuinely having fun. I’m personally able to do this through yoga, as I enjoy pushing myself to try challenging poses. And I know that a lot of girls, might be scared to try sports or be more active, and it’s always normal to be a bit nervous at first, (I was). When I first started practicing yoga in classes, I would sometimes feel nervous because I was surrounded by some really talented people. I’ve had several moments where the instructor would tell us to hold a pose, and I’d be the only one to collapse while everybody looked at me, (definitely one of my most embarrassing moments). But in the end, I was able to take the risk of trying yoga, and now it’s something I look forward to everyday, and after practicing, it genuinely makes me feel better about my whole day. So for the girls out there that might be debating to try a sport, I encourage them to take a risk and just see how it goes. You’ll never know until you try something!  


Participating in sports and being open minded to trying new things has really helped me overall. I’ve tried sports like skiing, kayaking, soccer, tennis, swimming and basketball, all different experiences. I’ve made so many funny memories and friends when trying new sports, and even though I might not have pursued the sport, trying it out was definitely worth it. Sports have also helped me become a better leader. For example, last year at school in PE class, our unit was “Self Taught” meaning groups of two students would teach the class a sport for one class time each. I paired up with my friend who also loves yoga and we used everything we had practiced and learnt from yoga classes and our personal experience to teach our peers. This was definitely a really fun experience, because it was the first time I was actually able to show my classmates something I love and that is a big part of me. I definitely think it’s important that girls stay in touch with sports and staying active, as it really helps you with so many different skills and overall happiness. I think that the mission of Prissy Tomboy is amazing, and that empowering girls and inspiring them to be confident and have fun all while staying healthy and active is so so important. It’s definitely not easy to just have the confidence to play a sport and be active, so I think the mission of Prissy Tomboy is one that’s amazing to boost girls’s mental/physical health and overall happiness.

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