We’re the go-to guide for empowering and inspiring girls and women of all fitness levels and ages to lead a healthy lifestyle through fitness, sports and adventure. We empower girls and women to find faith in their strength and lead healthy, confident lives by connecting our members with resources, activities, publicity and funding opportunities to support their fitness, sport and adventure goals— whether that means jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle or competing at the highest level. Our long-term hope is that our alumni will pay it forward by becoming Prissy Tomboy mentors who help other the next generation discover their passion and change their lives.



Meet the Team


Tracey Pearson. Founder/CEO

Favorite Sports: Standup Paddleboarding, Skateboarding, Dancing, Bootcamp training, and running

PT Superpower: I can shoot a bow and arrow while riding my skateboard

Prissy Tomboy founder and CEO Tracey  Pearson also founded and worked as the CEO for the successful Soda Group for more than 15 years. As an expert in fashion and beauty, her work has been seen in publications, runways and media around the world. Tracey’s philanthropic background includes the creation of a mini-salon at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and volunteering as a youth athletic coach for more than 20 years. With a passion for health and fitness, she also has been an instructor with the American Bootcamp Company for more than 6 years.


Margout Abatto. Executive Director

Favorite Sports: Roller Derby, Biking, Running and Kayaking

PT Superpower: I can drive any machinery like a champ: trucks, motorcycles, cars, airplanes 

Oversee all logistical and administrative duties, while contributing to day-to-day business operations and long-term strategic planning for business development and organizational growth. Videographer and Photographer extraordinaire.


Mayra Patiño. Search Marketing

Favorite Sports: Yoga and Motorcycling

PT Superpower: I can change oil and filter on my vehicles

Bilingüal search engine marketing specialist. Creates, develops and implements successful search engine optimization strategies for organic listings (SEO), paid search campaigns (PPC) and social media.


Meredith Pruden. Marketing Communication

Favorite Sports: SUP, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Yoga

PT Superpower: I’m a whiz with power tools and home maintenance

Atlanta native Meredith Pruden brings 15+ years of award-winning creative services expertise to her role at Prissy Tomboy. She is a compelling content specialist who repeatedly has led teams to produce high impact copy for both traditional print and online consumption.


Dave Allbritton. Art Director

Favorite Sports: Swimming and Scuba Diving

PT Superpower: I am a great cook

Experienced creative leader driven by the challenges and opportunities in business communication. Adept at delivering quality creative, capitalizing on emerging technologies and designing award-winning solutions and experiences.



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