1. What is a Prissy Tomboy?

2. How do I get involved?

Take the Pledge to join us for free events, clinics and meet ups.

Become an Ambassador to be a role model and inspire other likeminded girls and women ages 7 and up.

3. What happens when I take The Pledge?

Taking the Pledge is the first step to enjoying all Prissy Tomboy offers. You now have access to our free community clinics and events and can apply to be an Ambassador.

4. Do I need to RSVP for events and clinics?

It is a good idea to RSVP for all events and clinics. Some, that require specialized equipment or have class size restrictions, require you RSVP. The Event Calendar will tell you whether an RSVP is recommended or required.

5. I see some activities require equipment. Is it provided?

Equipment will be provided for activities requiring it. RSVPs are mandatory for these activities.

If you have additional questions please contact us.