The competitive landscape for businesses has shifted, employees, customers, vendors and partners all have a seat at the table. Having a market leading brand, product or service no longer stands on its own merits. To maintain that lead you need to engage with your target market and community; that’s the new competitive advantage.

Our team has a proven track record of success working with some of the world's largest organizations. Our clients include companies from F-500 to start-ups, large retailers, professional athletes and foundations. 


We provide honest and transparent programs designed to push your team to new heights.


Connecting community with resources, activities, and leaders. We develop programming designed to support your initiatives.

A percentage of the proceeds from Team Up supports the Prissy Tomboy Foundation, a 501c3.

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Prissy Tomboy Foundation, 501c3, empowers girls and women to live adventurously and lead healthy, confident lives.